Getting picky on picking cabins

The problem
 By observing their mobile website traffic, Carnival Cruises Australia had noticed they were missing leads coming from smartphones and tablet devices due to an outdated system. There was a need to re-implement their online booking platform in order to optimise bookings via mobile and desktop - equally, without sacrificing any of the choices and features customers were used to having such as: Interconnected rooms, View options, Deck, Distance between cabins when booking more than 1 room, loyalty offers, etc.
The process
 We have worked on understanding how Polar (their existing booking system) worked on the background in order to translate their requirements to a friendly, responsive and above-all uncomplicated interface.
In less than 30 days our team did a market and benchmark research, put together wireframes for Desktop and Mobile, validated the navigable high fidelity wireframes through user testing and built a working prototype.
The outcome
 After implementing the new system, the result was a much smoother user journey, according to the best practices in the market, a considerable increase of leads coming from mobile and less calls going through their call centre.
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