Selfies for a good cause

The problem
Bell palsy is thought to account for approximately 60-75% of cases of acute unilateral facial paralysis, with the right side affected 63% of the time. It can also be recurrent, with a reported recurrence range of 4-14%. 

​Our challenge was to raise awareness about Bells palsy and get a younger generation involved with the cause.

The idea
With the launch of the new iPhoneX and facial tracking capabilities on the rise with the new generation of devices, it became easier to create such type of experiences. 5 vector-illustrated characters were brought to life and animated in real time with facial tracking and recognition. 
Whilst a song is played, a sequence of facial expressions dictates a 'choreography' to be followed. 

At the end of the game, the players are prompted to share not only their score, but short clips of their best moments and selfies with their friends on social media.

The outcome

'Face Face Revolution' became more than just a game. It became an initiative that helped kids suffering with facial paralysis – as they're able to practice facial exercises/physiotherapy whilst playing the game.

More than increasing awareness about facial paralysis, the app was able to help kids in need, entertain and connect people around the world through a good cause.
Berto Macario - Creative Concept, UX and Design
Fernanda Gadelha - Copywriter
Client: Facial Palsy UK
Pro-bono project.

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