Your “perusonaru gaido” in Japan

The problem
With the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020 the need to communicate and provide westerners useful touristic information and don't get lost in translation is absolutely essential. With a gap in the market for mobile apps that plan true Japanese experiences and useful trip tips curated for westerners, Gaido App, your personal guide in Japan, is born.

The process
 I was very fortunate to be one of the members of the team who's had a chance to spend 3 months in Japan in the discovery phase of the process. We could visit different cities, get to know the culture, interview locals and westerners visiting Japan so we could recommend 100% genuine Japanese experiences. Delivered and curated in a way westerners would relate to and understand. 

The 4 main personas
Gaido App is a trip planner that has an algorithm that improves its suggestions the more the user interacts with it.
It was design in a way so we could effectively help 4 main types of personas:

- The freaky planner
- The free roamer
- The returning visitor
- The dreamer

 Berto Macario - UX Lead
Sadao Abe - Branding and UI
Agency: Glove Ideas
​Client: Gaido App

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