Hand in hand with Orangutans

The problem

The Nielsen institute revealed in a research the younger generation is becoming more conscious when it comes to shopping everyday items: 
“When it comes down to financial commitment, a sustainable sentiment shifts to one of increased social awareness and responsibility.” 
Kleenex, a world-wide well known brand of paper tissues and toilet paper wanted to be upfront and communicate the consumers their paper come from a sustainable source - therefore they care for our environment.

The process

Kleenex and Kimberly Clark Australia have a strong partnership with WWF in order to protect palm tree forests in Borneo. They came to us to ask for help to raise awareness about the plight of orang-utans in danger of losing their homes and their lives, in Borneo.
We came up with a very simple social media solution.
For every person that connected with KCA and WWF's Microsite via Facebook or Email, Kimberly Clark Australia would make a donation to WWF towards the Oraguntans cause.
The outcome

The campaign was very successful reaching thousands of people across Australia, who added their faces helping composing a virtual wall of people who supported the cause.

Berto Macario - UX, Creative and Art Direction
Agency: Resolution
​Client: Kimberly Clark Australia and WWF

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