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The problem
The MCA had been thinking about a way they could let people express their opinions on their visit at the museum. The truth is they weren't happy with the way the old-school pen and paper had been performing.

The idea
My idea was to bring traditional social media comments into the physical space and let visitors express their opinions on the overall visit or specific pieces of art, via text, voice recording, selfies, 30-second videos or digital drawings.

We developed MCA Articulate - A touch screen device that was placed around the gallery spaces. As a visitor, when in front of the screen, you're asked a question such as ‘Do you find contemporary art weird?’ or ‘What strikes you most about this artwork?’

The outcome
MCA Articulate is now connected to the MCA’s website and social media channels and apart from capturing instant feedback from the visitors and statistics about the exhibitions, it's been responsible for creating a vast and very rich user-generated content that will be used for future pieces of communications or installations within the museum.
​(Winner - Australian Museum and Galleries National Innovation Awards 2015)
Could we have used a mobile app and QR-codes instead?

The answer is yes, technically it would be possible. But curiously throughout the UX research process with our focus group we have found out most of the users were not fans of the idea of downloading a mobile app for what would be a single or a second visit a year to the museum.

Berto Macario - Creative Concept, UX
Lee Hung Nguyen - UI
Alice Athens - Developer
Jake Soper - Producer
Lyndon Hale - Digital Creative Director
Agency: Imagination
Client: The MCA

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