A quick (Snap)chat can save a life.

The problem
Social media is an environment where a younger generation can hide their real feelings and emotions. Every day thousands of kids are exposed to an exaggerated and fake reality where everything seems perfect, but behind all that, the truth is that this pressure for portraying such perfection and constant happiness could be hiding a different side of their emotions and often leads to low self-esteem and depression.

The idea
The idea is to be present where  young kids live - online in specific sites and mobile apps dedicated to social media. Are you OK? is an Australian charity that believes a simple question can save lives. So, we took this question to Snapchat.

Whenever Snapchat Lens detects a sad or an unusual facial expression, the question pops up: "Are you OK?". If the expression is positive or neutral we encourage them to ask the same question to someone else.

Berto Macario - Ideation, Digital Design
Client: R U OK? Day
​Pro-bono idea.
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