Capuccino or babyccino? My-name-ccino!

The problem
UGL, one of the biggest train manufacturers in the world, wanted to take their in-stand cafe experience to the next level, going digital.

The idea
We created UGL's Digital Garden by combining environmental design, an existing coffee shop with a digital idea.
For every new customer we assign a keep-coffee-cup with a unique QR-code. 
Every time the customer comes back they are automatically recognised - we knew their name, favourite coffee order and could even call them up on our screen once their orders were ready to pick up.

The outcome
The results were a bigger engagement with UGL's brand, more time spent in their environment, happier clients and more opportunities for UGL's consultants to approach the target audience.
Berto Macario - Digital Ideation, UX and Digital Design
Kimmi Ko - Environmental Design
Agency: Imagination Australia
​Client: UGL
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